Build Your Own Blockchain
Wetez’s Appchain node template is designed for Developers to quickly start their multi-chain Network Appchain project.
Wetez Appchain
Build 15x Faster Than Ever
AppChains are the newest scaling solution that combines the best of security, throughput, and customizability. Building your own blockchain with Wetez, 100% control your projects and development.
Complete Toolbox
Wetez provides a complete infrastructure set for Appchains including node operation, RPC Gateway, Appchain Explorer, Appchain Indexer, and Appchain Archiver, as well as Public endpoint-APIS and Web3 connections.
Powerful Prebuilt Ready-to-use Appchain Toolbox
Cosmos SDK is the world’s most popular framework for building application-specific blockchains. Build a complete Cosmos SDK application with Wetez in just a few hours. At the end you will have a fully functional full node client, CLI interface, REST interface, and much more.
Polygon Edge Chain
Polygon Edge enables you to run your own blockchain network with customizable features. It is guided by the principles of modular architecture and provides Ethereum compatibility to your network.
Polkadot Parachain
A parachain is an application-specific data structure that is globally coherent and validatable by the validators of the Relay Chain. A parachain will take the form of a blockchain, but there is no specific need for them to be actual blockchains.
Substrate Independent Chain
Substrate-based blockchain networks have the choice of either operating as a solo chain, a solo chain with a bridge, or to integrate as a parachain. Integrating as a parachain enables independent Substrate-based blockchains to gain interoperability with the other independent blockchains. The secret sauce of parachain interoperability lies in XCMP (Cross-Chain Message Passing). XCMP enables parachains to share trusted logic, for example, transferring tokens between networks, without any additional trust assumptions!
Ethereum Rollups
Wetez offers permissionless decentralized Rollup solutions that supports independent deployment of smart contracts. Any developer can write and deploy their smart contract permissionlessly. StarkNet also supports composability. Wetez Ethereum Rollup solutions provide scalability and L1 security, support general computation, allowing any use case to be scaled.
Avalanche Subnet
A Subnet manages its own membership, it can create its own token economics and rules, and may require that its constituent validators have certain properties. It is composed of a dynamic subset of Avalanche validators working together to achieve consensus on the state of one or more blockchains. Each blockchain is validated by exactly one Subnet, and a Subnet can have many blockchains. A validator may be a member of many Subnets.
Oasis Paratime
The Oasis Network is ideal for DeFi applications due to its scalability, instant finality, 99% lower gas fees versus Ethereum, and high throughput. The Oasis Network is designed to support confidential smart contracts that keep data private while being processed. By providing end-to-end data confidentiality on Blockchain, the Oasis Network unlocks new and exciting use cases in DeFi.
BNB Sidechain
BNB Sidechain is an infrastructure for developers that helps them to build large scale BSC-based apps with higher throughput and much lower or even zero transaction fees. It is reached by using a separate consensus engine and modern execution environment that can be specified by developers or community and bring new features.
What Wetez Offer
Appchain Building Suits
Wetez is a brand that born to serve application-specific blockchains, aka Appchain. Wetez provides flexible and affordable leased security, out-of-box cross-chain interoperability, one-stop infrastructure, and a ready-to-be-engaged community for the appchains.
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