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Public Endpoints - APISChain SDKDecentralized StorageNode operationDapp BuildingAppchain Construction
Public Endpoints - APISChain SDKDecentralized StorageNode operationDapp BuildingAppchain Construction
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What Wetez wants to offer
The Quickest and Most Reliable Web3 Infra Services
With strong capabilities in blockchain technology and extensive experience in building Web3, Wetez helps you step into Web3.
Build your own Appchain in multi-network with one click
Wetez offers a full range of Appchain development tools.
Stake and earn with Wetez, the most professional validator
Wetez provides node services for 50+ blockchain projects.
Connect your Dapp to the blockchain in the fastest possible way
Payless and ready to use, covering most development needs, with premium packages available for customisation.
Enjoy fast and robust decentralized storage gateway services
Query, download, store and use Web3 data just like you would in Web2.
Powering Web3 infra
from 0 to 1
Creating a network of value and returning ownership of data to individuals is the goal of the Web3 industry and the end of the struggle for many practitioners.
Web3 infrastructure is the cornerstone of the Web3 universe, and a good start is half the battle. A robust and well-functioning infrastructure will help you to be one step ahead in the Web3 building process.
As a leading Web3 infrastructure provider, Wetez will stand at the entrance of the Web3 world and help more Web3 builders to lighten their load and focus on the distance.
Robust and secure all the way
without any compromise
Strength, experience and determination have earned Wetez the recognition and support of the Web3 industry. We will also pass on this support to many more fellow travellers in revolution.
Wetez offers Web3 infrastructure services covering the full range of products. Build the network, run the nodes and get the data according to your needs, all in one step with Wetez.
Robust is one of the main focuses of infrastructure services, and Wetez has a long history of providing proven and time-tested stability for projects such as Ethereum, Cosmos and Solana.
Wetez technical team consists of senior technical experts who are proficient in blockchain technology. The products developed by Wetez have been widely praised.
Web3 Infra
Wetez team was founded in early 2018, initially with aims to develop and maintain Wetez, the first staking wallet in the Cosmos ecosystem. As the team expanded and repositioned, Wetez gradually shifted to participate in the development of major blockchain projects, especially PoS projects, as a node operator. Strong technical capabilities and extensive experience have allowed Wetez to be fortunate enough to gain recognition from projects and communities.
Wetez has been following and actively participating in the building of web3 as a whole. We realize that in order to get more people to understand and participate in Web3, there needs to be more convenient and efficient web3 infrastructure services to lower the barriers. Therefore Wetez is gradually growing into a web3 infrastructure provider capable of providing diverse infrastructure services.
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